We are a small staff team because lots of what we do is about working alongside our members and bringing people together, rather than trying to do everything ourselves. Here you can meet our team.

Gary Bourlet

Gary has been a self-advocate for over 30 years and is Co-Founder of Learning Disability England. Before this he founded People First England. Gary has a vast amount of experience in working with the media and has appeared on Channel 4 and in the Guardian. He is a civil rights campaigner and brought the People First movement to England.
Twitter: @LDEselfadvocate

Tracy Hammond

Tracy Hammond is interim Director of Operations. Tracy has been seconded from Keyring to support LDE members and make sure we have what we need in place to run LDE well. Tracy has a wealth of experience in housing, supported living and community development and has led in developing models of housing and support that are recognised internationally as models of good practice. Tracy heads up LDE special interest groups, members meetings and makes sure that our members are heard by the government and other relevant agencies.

Annie Tidbury

Annie is the Head of Membership and Communications at Learning Disability England. She oversees the democratic processes making sure we are always talking with our members. Before this she was a Project Manager at H&SA and  previously worked as Women’s Officer at University College London Union.

Mariana Ortiz

Mariana is Membership Administrator at Learning Disability England. She does the administration for LDE as well as Driving Up Quality, and organises events and training. She has previously worked as an airports operation director, auditor and security advisor working in the private sector.
Twitter: @OffAide

Kaliya Franklin 

Kaliya is a Political Strategist at Learning Disability England. She is an experienced disability rights campaigner, writer and speaker. She blogs at the 2012 Orwell Prize shortlisted blog Benefit Scrounging Scum, was voted one of the top 10 most influential users of twitter in 2011, founded the lobbying group The Broken of Britain and was an author of The Spartacus Report.