#DeclareYourCare Campaign – Two Perspectives

Two different perspectives by Gary Bourlet, self-advocate, and Frank Steeples, Quality Assurance lead at KeyRing

The #DeclareYourCare campaign that is going this month is to encourage people with learning disabilities or autism, their family, carers and advocates to complain and give feedback on their care.

People with learning disabilities are 17% more likely to regret not complaining about issues with care than people without learning disabilities. But everyone has the right to complain if you are treated unfairly, especially when it comes to your care.

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My experience of being a presenter for a radio 4 documentary

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by Sui-Ling Tang from the Supported Loving Network



I met a lovely lady called Emma who is a producer working for Whistledown Productions. Emma approached me and asked if I wanted to make a radio programme called “Assisted Loving”. I think she must have spoken to someone about me who had seen me in the C4 news film about relationships that I did.

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Good Lives 2020

What does a Good Life for people with a learning disability look like in this new decade?

Learning Disability England wants to work with people, groups and organisations to talk about what we know people with learning disabilities and / or autism want so they can live a good life.

There has been lots of research over the years and we believe the time has come to take action together. We believe the power of change lies in you, our membership, talking and working together to work out what you agree on and can take action on together.

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Working on the care certificate together

Gary Bourlet on working with Skills for Care and others on the Care Certificate

Me and my personal assistant Anna have been working with Skills for Care over the past few months.

They are making an information and resource pack that can be given out to support those that are working on completing the Care Certificate.

The care certificate is a set of standards that lay out the knowledge and skills that is expected of someone going to work in the social care sector.

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Family Workers Network Launch

Back in September we hosted a training session for family workers.  During the day we talked about how family workers from across the sector could support each other and coordinate on shared issues.

Since then a couple of people have been working on making this happen through a Family Workers Network.

The details for the first meeting are below and we would love for you to join us!

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Universal Credit : How is it affecting learning disabled people?


One of our priorities as Learning Disability England is Influencing funding decisions and understanding how it affects peoples lives.


Lots of people and the press have been talking about Universal Credit.

We want to make sure that people with learning disabilities are included in talking about how Universal Credit is affecting everyone.

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Human Rights Day 10th December 2019

On Human Rights day we stand with more than 100 other organisations signing a letter to party leaders because Human Rights are critical to all our lives. We know too many people with learning disabilities do not have their basic rights respected.

Alongside all our members we are working to change that so that everyone can live a good life as a citizen in their community.

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