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What’s NEW

Here’s all the latest updates and news from Learning Disability England.

Sleep-Ins: September Update


The Supreme Court is allowing the trade union, Unison, to appeal the Court of Appeals decision about sleep-ins.

This means that the Supreme Court will now look at the case.

The Supreme Court is the highest Court of Appeal in the UK. They make decisions about how the law works in cases where the law is currently unclear.

The decision they make must be used by all other courts.

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Rights, relationships, respect – social care

“Social care means making sure people can access their rights and are treated with respect”

This is just one of the things 40 people with learning disabilities, family members and staff said is most important for how we design and develop social care support in the future.

People got together and talked about what is important to them and their families in local ‘Think Tanks’.

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Assistive Technology sector deal report launched

Report on the launch by Gary Bourlet

HFT and Tunstall have become partners in launching a big report on assistive technology and are now asking others to join as partners with them.

They are asking the government to work with organisations supporting people with Learning Disabilities to invest in using technology as part of support better.

The report says it could help the economy as well as making support better.

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Improving the Uptake of Annual Health Checks

Learning Disability England is part of a partnership of 4 organisations  looking into what things are getting in the way of people with a learning disability having their vital Annual Health Check. Current evidence already shows that these checks identify unmet health needs and reduce inequalities however, only 53% of people with a learning disability are having their Annual Health Check. The actual figure is known to be much higher as this only identifies those who are registered with their GP.

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