Learning Disability England is a campaigning organisation. Every two years we ask our members What Matters to them and we make those things our priorities. Our current priorities are:


Two men bullying a young man with a learning disability

It’s clear that even today people with learning disabilities are still not equal in society. Many people with learning disabilities who we spoke to said that they had experienced bullying and hate crime. This was a huge concern for families too who often feel like they’re battling against ignorance and negative attitudes.

Services and Opportunities

Support worker talking to a person with a learning disability

Services and support was the biggest challenge amongst families of people with learning disabilities. We think this is closely linked with the top challenge for people with learning disabilities themselves – opportunity and choice. It is not having the right support which leads to people not having control over their lives.


Money was one of the top three concerns for people with learning disabilities, families and organisations. 86% of professionals said that money was one of their organisation’s biggest challenges. Across the country, people are struggling to do the right thing on increasingly tighter budgets.