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12.00Opening Session

Gary Bourlet
Gary Bourlet has been a self-advocate for over 30 years and is Co-Founder of Learning Disability England. Before this he founded People First England.

Wendy Burt
Wendy has 2 adult sons who have additional support needs. She graduated from partners in policymaking, a leadership course for families and disabled people in 2005, this was a turning point in her life and since then she has worked tirelessly in a number of ways to empower disabled people and their families to find solutions for the challenges that life throws at them.

Wendy through her work and her voluntary commitments supports policymakers and commissioners to ensure the lived experiences of people are heard and influence future provision. Wendy works hard to ensure that everyone has an equal voice around the table.

Wendy has recently been elected as a family rep to the LDE representative body, she is really looking forward to working with self advocates, organisations and practitioners to campaign for positive lives for people with learning disabilities.

Wendy loves the term nothing about us without us and strives to make this a reality in all she does.
12.15Doing Things Differently

Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson is Family Consultant at Dimensions. She has worked in the voluntary sector for the last 30 years in a range of roles including mediation, advocacy, family participation and person centred planning. Liz is a family carer committed to inclusion, who has passion and enthusiasm as well as a deep understanding of the issues experienced by families.

Karyn Kirkpatrick
Karyn is the Chief Executive of KeyRing since 2003. KeyRing is a Think Local Act Personal partner organisation. A founder Member of LDE, supports the Working For Justice Group who work to improve the experience of people with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system.
Karyn was the Valuing People Now National Housing Lead at the Department of Health 2009/11, and is an active contributor to publications and blogs on the value of co-production and community

Huw John
Huw John is the Chief Executive of Camphill Village Trust, which supports people in a range of urban and rural settings. He has a 30-year career in social care, was the Deputy Chair of The National Care Forum and previously spent ten years as CEO of Manchester Care. He is passionate about co-producing support models that enable people to have real opportunities and to have those contributions valued.

Angela Catley
Angela has lifelong connections with people with a learning disability - as a citizen, friend, advocate and also in her work.

Angela believes strongly in people, communities and finding different ways to help people live their life their way. Angela is the Director of Development and Communications at Community Catalysts.
13.00Future Funding

Steve Harris
Steve has had many roles in relation to housing, care and support. He has worked in support provision, housing provision, as a Local Authority commissioner (both for housing and social care services) and in national advisory and policy roles. Steve joined Reside in 2016.
14.00Supporting Employment

My name is Lee. I am 32 years old. I go to Made-Well 3 days a week and I also work as a maintenance volunteer. I like doing gardening and DIY. I am doing a hospitality course and learning about food hygiene. I am living in supported living with 8 people, I enjoy living there and get support to become more independent. I am happy to have met my fiancé Tillie. In the future I would like to live with Tillie and have a job. I would really like to find a paid job in maintenance and my volunteer work is helping me build skills.

I am Tillie and I am 26 years old. I attend Made-Well three days a week. I like working with the sheep and acting in the pantomime. I have had support to do courses and at the moment I am doing a Hospitality Matters course learning about customer service, money etc with Learn Devon. I am living in a supported living house which I love. I am supported to look for work and do my shopping and many more things. I have also met my fiancé Lee who I met at Made-Well. One day I would like to move into independent living and find a job I enjoy.
14.15Update on People in ATUs and Other Inpatient Services

Chris Hatton
Prof. Chris Hatton is a Professor of Psychology, Health and Social Care and Co-Director of the Centre for Disability Research, Lancaster University. His research interests are primarily in collecting evidence to support innovations in social policy for disabled people.
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16.45Creating Communities

Natalie Macpherson
Natalie Macpherson is Development Director at MacIntyre, a national charity which provides learning and support for 1,500 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism.
Natalie’s career has been driven by her belief that everyone of all abilities should be supported to achieve their ambition and full potential. Natalie is a member of the national Transforming Care Provider Taskforce. She also chairs the Local Advisory Board at Discovery Academy in Warwickshire.
Natalie is married with two children, one of whom has autism.

Donald works for MacIntyre, as a support officer with thier Central offices. He is responsible for MacIntyres ‘Mag’ which is a magazine produced by people we support for a wide range of audiences.

Donald lives on his own and has a couple of hours support a day from a local care provider. Donald has experienced loneliness and talks passionately about the impact this has on him personally and how it effects his life.

Donald is big MK Dons supporter!

17.00Driving Up Quality Awards
17.20Closing session

Tracy Hammond
Tracy has worked with people with learning disabilities for over 20 years. Tracy went on to work with people whose behaviour was said to challenge and quickly realised that the natural outcome of many services was such behaviour. She went on to manage a range of community access and other projects before joining KeyRing where she worked for 14 years in a range of capacities, fulfilling the role of Communication and Engagement Director before being seconded as Operations Director for Learning Disability England in June 2016.