Advice and Support

This page tells you about Learning Disability England’s free advice service for our members. For a list of advice lines offering free support to non-members visit Advice and support lines.

Telephone: 0300 201 0455


LDE provides free advice to members on things like:

  • changing registered care
  • developing supported living services
  • driving up quality in housing and support services
  • working within the legal and regulatory frameworks for housing and care
  • developing home ownership options
  • thinking community – engaging people with learning disabilities in communities
  • developing housing and support for people whose behaviour challenges and for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • the legal and rights framework surrounding housing and care
  • mental capacity and housing
  • deprivation of liberty safeguards
  • funding housing
  • welfare benefits and the impact of reform
  • renting in the public and private sector
  • leases and tenancy agreements
  • developing person-centred support
  • developing family investment in housing
  • assistive technology and people with learning disabilities
  • Driving Up Quality

Many of our associate members also provide advice so we may refer you on to them for help if we can’t help you.


Is there anything the Advice Service can’t do?

  • The Advice Service can’t advise you on legal issues since our advisers aren’t legally trained. However, in certain circumstances we have access to legal advisers who can provide general legal advice. If you require specific and/or individual legal advice, we can provide you with the details of solicitors  who may be able to help you.
  • We can’t advise you on medical issues since our advisors aren’t medically trained. However where possible we will signpost you to an organisation that can.
  • The Advice Service can’t take on your case or act as your advocate. But again, if this is needed, we will try to help you find an advocate.
  • We can’t offer counselling services since none of our advisers are qualified counsellors. However once again, we can assist you to find someone who can help.

Please remember, that if we can’t help you with something straightaway, we will get one of our advisors to contact you as soon as possible.


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