Taking Good Lives Action

Writing to your MP

One of the first actions people suggested they might take when we launched Good Lives was writing to MPs.

We wanted to help people share Good Lives with local and national politicians

Good Lives can be used to support policy change and transformational change, with things like changing attitudes and practice.

There is now a template letter for writing to your MP.

You can find that here

We have also put an information pack together to help you do that.

You can find that here

We would love to know if you’ve written to your MP and what response you’ve had from them.

You can let us know by emailing Rachael on Rachael.hall@LDEngland.org.uk

Or you can fill in this survey.

Writing to your council

You may also want to think about sharing Good Lives with your council.

There are lots of different types of councillor and it would be good to tell all of them but a district or county councillor might have more chance to act on Good Lives.

You might want to check out this resource which has some helpful sections on the role of different councils.

It is probably best to write to the leader of the Council or chair of the Health and wellbeing committee / board.

There is now also a template letter for writing to your council.

You can find that here.

Why is it important to speak about Good Lives?

Scott Watkin – Self-advocate Rep

Good Lives is so important for us as we are seen to be forgotten people. Good Lives gives ideas to us all to support people to have a good life whether its health employment or living in our own home and to speak up so we can have a better quality of life.

Tim Keilty – Paid Supporter Rep

“It is vitally important that MPs know about Good Lives. Sometimes politicians jump behind catchy slogans and say they support things without really understanding the nuts and bolts. Good Lives is the nuts and bolts – designed and developed by people with lived experience and those who support them. Good Lives is much more than a catchy slogan it is the WHAT the WHY and the HOW.”

Kate Chate – Family and Friends Rep

“Letting our elected representatives (MPs and Councillors) know all about the Good Lives Framework is a great way to help them get ahead of the game and not have to ask us all (again) what we want or how to achieve it – as it is all very clearly laid out.  Using the framework will therefore save them time, money and energy – and will mean that people will get what they want and need.  Which will mean happy voters!”