What we do

Learning Disability England is a charity and membership organisation working to make life better with people with learning disabilities and their families.

Our work is in 5 main areas

  1. Informing and supporting our members
  2. Represent their priorities to inform policy and change attitudes
  3. Supporting good practice and finding solutions together
  4. Campaigning and influencing on what matters to people with learning disabilities
  5. Learning and supporting partners through projects and research


Learning Disability England’s core work is driven by members’ priorities.

Our members have said our 2018 – 2020 priorities should be:

  1. Supporting the development of housing choices
  2. Helping to make self-advocacy stronger
  3. Influencing funding decisions and understanding how it affects people’s lives
  4. Being part of the future social care thinking and design



Who we are

Learning Disability England brings together people with learning disabilities, families, friends and professionals from all over the country. Click below to find out more about the people who make Learning Disability England:


Representative Body


Board of Trustees

Lifetime Members


Gary Bourlet 

Gary has been a self-advocate for over 30 years and is co-founder of Learning Disability England. Before this he founded People First England. Gary has a vast amount of experience in working with the media and has appeared on Channel 4 and in the Guardian. He is a civil rights campaigner, and brought the People First movement to England.
Twitter: @BourletGaryLDE

Alicia Wood 

Alicia Wood is co -founder of Learning Disability England and formerly CEO of Housing and Support Alliance. She was interim CEO for Learning Disability England. She now works with Dimensions as Head of Public Affairs and is an elected member of the Representative body. In this role, she continues to support Learning Disability England.
Twitter: @AliciaWood___

How we work

Learning Disability England wants to be led by its members, so that we do what matters to people with learning disabilities

Diagram showing how the Learning Disability England board is elected

Learning Disability England is made up of:

  • Members – people with learning disabilities, family members, professionals, allies, organisations of any kind that share our aims
  • The Representative Body – these are 12 people elected by the members. They work in partnership with the Trustees and lead on some decisions. These include deciding on who can be members, choosing the Trustees, making sure LDEs work is based on what is important to members and its values.
  • The Board – the Trustees are a group of 8 – 10 people who have the job of making sure LDE is following the law and legal responsibilities. They work in partnership with the Representative Body and lead on some decisions. They make sure LDE has enough money, operates lawfully, employs staff, and keeps everyone involved safe.

If you want to read more about the governance arrangements of Learning Disability England you can read an easy version of our Articles of Association.

LDE’s Articles of Associations – our governing document.