On Sunday 12 December 2021 the Prime Minister announced that all people aged 18 or over would be offered a Covid Booster vaccine by the end of December 2021.


Read Inclusion North’s easy read update about this here
Watch Inclusion North’s video about this here 

This is because the Omicron variant of the virus is spreading quickly.


Keep Safe from PhotoSymbols has made some new posters about Omicron and the booster.


See the Keep Safe resources here


There are 3 ways to book your booster:


  • You can book an appointment online: Book online here
  • You can find a walk in vaccination centre and just turn up for your booster. Find walk in centres here
  • You can book via your GP. Contact them if you’re not sure

You have to wait 3 months from the date of your 2nd vaccine before you can have the booster.


Read the easy read guidance about the booster here


Read  the easy read guidance about Covid vaccination here


Watch a short video that tells you more about why vaccines are so important.


Books Beyond Words have updated their wordless books about Covid.


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In January 2022 the government announced some changes to testing and isolating.


Inclusion North has made an easy read newsletter and a video about this.


Read the easy read news here

Watch the video here


This is part of the government’s Plan B measures to slow down the spread of Omicron and help keep people safe and well this winter


Read Inclusion North’s easy read update about Plan B here


Watch Inclusion North’s video about Plan B here


Read Cornwall People First’s easy read guide to Plan B rules and the booster vaccine here

Plan B is part of the government’s Covid Autumn and Winter Plan 2021.


Read the updated Autumn and Winter Covid Plan 2021


Read the easy read version of the Autumn and Winter Plan 2021 


The NHS is also offering new antibody and antiviral treatments to people with coronavirus (Covid 19) who are at highest risk of becoming seriously ill.


Read the easy read letter to patients about treatment here


There is a list of health conditions that mean people will be offered treatment if they catch Covid.


Your doctor or specialist will tell you if you can have this treatment.


Find out more about treatment for Covid and who can have it


The Down’s Syndrome Association is regularly updating their web pages about treatment for people with Down’s.


See the DSA resources and updates here

The NHS has said it is very important that people have the booster as soon as possible.


Here is some more information,  and some resources that might help:


Vaccination and reasonable adjustments (Mencap)


Information in different languages including easy read and videos


The Covid vaccine and Human Rights (BIHR)


Capacity and consent


The Covid-19 Vaccine and Human Rights: A short guide for staff working in public bodies (BIHR)

If you can’t find the information you need and your GP can’t help, these organisations have telephone helplines:


Challenging Behaviour Foundation Family Support Line: 0300  666 0126


Mencap learning disability helpline: 0808 808 1111