‘Everyday Matters’: working together with families

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For many support workers, building positive relationships with families is an important part of the job. Getting it right can make a huge difference to people’s lives.


Camphill Village Trust has been working in partnership with Centre 404 and Learn With Us to coproduce new training programme and interactive resource, ‘Everyday Matters’.


‘Everyday Matters’ introduces some key skills that help staff communicate effectively with families to help build trust and work in partnership.


This webinar will be giving a taster of the training and the resources, will talk about how and why it was developed and how you can get involved.


This webinar is aimed at support workers and staff from provider organisations. It may also be of interest to people who employ their own Personal Assistance through Direct Payments.


This webinar is for Learning Disability England members only. You can become a member for as little at £12 a year, click here to find out more.