Membership for Organisations


Different types and sizes of organisations or groups that support our aims can be a member of Learning Disability England.

Organisations do not have to work directly with people with learning disabilities, but they must be committed to directly or indirectly improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and/or their families.

Joining is a statement of your support for people with learning disabilities being in charge of their own lives and working together as equal citizens.

It will also:

Help your organisation’s mission

By supporting work or campaigns you agree with

By contributing to a wider benefit to your community of interest or beneficiaries

Help change and improve what you do

You get good information, solutions to problems and new ideas

Everyone is challenged, based on rights and people with learning disabilities’ priorities – a conscience and a help

Help you be well connected and not isolated

You will join a network of likeminded people and organisations

Organisational Members will be able to:

Influence and inform the campaigning or key messages Learning Disability England uses in its work with partners, government and members

Be a part of the changes Learning Disability England members are making together

Join our network of spokespeople, subject leads or partners on issues you care about

Shape Learning Disability England’s day to day activity and strategic messaging

Vote in formal decisions and in electing members of the Representative Body

Organisational members get access to:

Up to date information, news and resources including a weekly digital newsletter

The programmes of work and projects on the priorities that are set by members. This might be through webinars, free workshops, training, networks, events or resources coming from that work. These are open to staff, volunteers working with the organisation or those people supported by them

Quality and improvement tools and networks

Facilitated problem solving networks or debates on issues that face people and organisations including policy and practice changes. For example, LDE members have worked together on challenging the misuse of DNAR notices and directly influenced the work on stopping them.

What it costs to join

We know that organisations come in different shapes and sizes, so our membership fee structure from 1 December 2020 reflects this.

Click here to see the different organisational membership options and costs 

Other organisations with a much wider brief have told us that they are also keen to support Learning Disability England’s work.

We have therefore created a new category called Partner Membership to enable these organisations to join our movement.

Click here to see the partner membership options and costs

Contact us on 0300 111 0444 or to find out more and join as an organisational or partnership member