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We need to protect Human Rights in our post-Brexit world


In a week where the Joint Committee on Human Rights has published its report about COVID, Gary Bourlet, Membership and Engagement Lead and self advocate reflects on Human Rights and Brexit. 

Read the easy read version here

As you may know on December 31st, we left the EU. This raised some questions for me about how our human rights will be affected next year.

The Human Rights Act 1998 was passed with cross-party support by parliament; it does not belong to any one particular political party.

Our Human Rights Act takes 16 of the human rights in the European Convention on Human Rights and pulls them down into our law here at home.

Probably due to all the attention that’s been on COVID-19 there has been very little media coverage about what the government is doing around these laws as we leave.

It’s so important that we safeguard our human rights when we leave  the EU.

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#Right2Home online tool – user testing

The #right2home campaign is developing an online tool to guide people on how to challenge COVID-19 restrictions to visiting loved ones in inpatient settings, residential care and supported living.

If you are facing restrictions and can help test the tool, please email liliane.broschart@bemix.org, ideally taking part in an online workshop using Zoom from 12.30pm to 2pm on Monday 28th September, or in your own time.

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People with a hidden disability have the right to be treated with respect, understanding and human kindness

Guest blog by Ben McCay, self advocate, Learning Disability England spokesperson and Co-Chair of the Trustees for My Life My Choice



I am Ben McCay and since birth I have had hidden disabilities.

Most people think of disabled people as in wheelchairs. But the fact is there are many forms of disabilities and it varies from each individual person.

People with hidden disabilities get discriminated against all the time when they are out about mixing with the general public, as they do not know that we are disabled. We are often thought of as rude and ignorant, that we do not care.

This typical general perception is true of most people we meet.

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Reflections on supporting self advocacy during lockdown


Guest Blog by Jessica Finch, a worker with KeyRing’s self advocacy service in North Yorkshire



Hi I’m Jess. I work for the KeyRing self-advocacy service in North Yorkshire. I help people find the confidence and opportunity to speak up.

I see it as working together with people to achieve a common goal.

I love what I do. I especially love going out and meeting people so lockdown has been a tough time. Working from home can get a little bit lonely and, like the rest of the team, I’ve had to be really creative about working with people.

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