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Here’s all the latest updates and news from Learning Disability England.

Things are changing for more people – let’s get ready

It’s that time again – things are changing for people who are shielding.

At the start of July we will be seeing lots of changes to the coronavirus guidance. A lot of people have been shielding, with very limited contact with other people and barely leaving their homes. This has understandably been very hard to adjust to for many people. But for many it has also become the new norm. But soon we are going to start seeing hints of normal life before the outbreak. These changes might also be hard to adjust to. Though if we know what is going to happen, we can be more prepared, and this might make the changes easier for everyone.

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Confused by lockdown? Me too

During the last 4 months we have all had to face lockdown because of Covid 19 (Coronavirus).

We have not been able to go out and see friends and family like we normally can and there have been barely any shops or social places open.

When we do go out, we must stay at least two meters apart from others. This has all been very hard for people to cope with, I know it has for me.

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Learning and taking action during Covid 19

On 2 June 2020, CQC published data on deaths of people with a learning disability during the pandemic. This data shows an increase of 134% on the number of people dying that were reported to CQC compared to last year. You can read the standard and easy read report on their website 

Gary, Engagement and membership Lead at Learning Disability England, wrote about what this means and you can read that in Community Care here.

In Kent the Council and NHS have quickly looked at what happened when people with learning disabilities died from Corona virus (Covid 19) from March to May this year.

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People who count during Covid-19

By Gary Bourlet, Engagement Lead with Learning Disability England

I am sitting here looking at CQC’s latest set of data which shows the death rate of adults with a learning disability during coronavirus. The data shows that between 10 April and 15 May there were 134% more deaths over this time period than there was last year.

This data is obviously awful and shocking. These are individuals who are loved. These are people who have died. But what is also shocking is that it has taken until week 10 of the pandemic for the public to see these figures.

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LDE Representative Body Elections 2020 – Voting is now open!

Voting is now open for the LDE Representative Body elections 2020. We hope every member will get involved and have their say!

Voting started at 8am on Monday 1st June and closes at 5pm on Sunday 21st June.

Every member of Learning Disability England gets one vote.

There are 6 places on the Representative Body to be filled: 2 self advocate representatives with a learning disability, 2 family and friends representatives and 2 organisational representatives.

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#right2home campaign


#right2home is a campaign to keep the Whorlton Hall scandal on the political agenda, and press the government to act on its promises.

It is led by self advocates and family campaingers.

We know that more than 2,000 adults and children are still in secure mental health units.

Since the coronavirus lockdown started, people in secure units may not have seen advocates or family carers. We are worried about their welfare.

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Leaders List 2020 are looking for judges

The Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List are looking for judges for 2020. The Leaders’ List is a partnership between Dimensions, Learning Disability England and VODG.

They are looking for judges with a learning disability. They are very keen to have judges who represent the whole of the learning disability community. This includes people with more ‘complex’ support needs who may not use verbal communication.

They are also looking for judges with lived experience, as a family member or friend for example.

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DNAR decisions – What the members survey told us

88 organisations filled in a snap shot survey in late April. They told us about Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR)  decisions during coronavirus for the people they support.

The survey found that approximately two thirds of the organisations replying did not report an increase in DNARs in 2020 for the people they support.

But some organisations said DNAR decisions had been made either on groups of people or on individuals without consultation with them, their loved ones or the people who support them. This was not in accordance with guidance and best practice, and in some cases could be illegal.

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