What’s NEW

What’s NEW

Here’s all the latest updates and news from Learning Disability England.

Election and Voting Resources

There is a general election on 12th December.

Lots of people are sharing great information to help people get ready to vote and decide how they vote.

We will keep updating this page as we get new information. We are not checking or supporting any of the information – you need to do that yourself.

Please do send us anything you know of or have done and want to share with others.

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What we say matters

Disability Hate crime and how we talk about people 

We have written this blog because we want to remind everyone that how we talk about people matters. The words we use make a difference to how people see people each other. Sometimes we hear people with learning disabilities talked about as if they are different to everyone else or even dangerous.

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Sleep-Ins: September Update


The Supreme Court is allowing the trade union, Unison, to appeal the Court of Appeals decision about sleep-ins.

This means that the Supreme Court will now look at the case.

The Supreme Court is the highest Court of Appeal in the UK. They make decisions about how the law works in cases where the law is currently unclear.

The decision they make must be used by all other courts.

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Rights, relationships, respect – social care

“Social care means making sure people can access their rights and are treated with respect”

This is just one of the things 40 people with learning disabilities, family members and staff said is most important for how we design and develop social care support in the future.

People got together and talked about what is important to them and their families in local ‘Think Tanks’.

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