Campaigning and Influencing

Learning Disability England’s campaigning work involves members and partners pushing those in power to make good changes for people with a learning disability.

People with a learning disability are often treated unfairly in many different ways.

Learning Disability England believes people who are treated unfairly should have the chance to talk about issues that are important to them.

Other people should not take their place and speak for them.

Learning Disability England’s campaigning brings together members and partners so together we have a loud and strong voice.

Learning Disability England’s campaigning brings together Speaking as one helps to make sure that people in power, such as MPs, hear what’s important to people with a learning disability and what they’d like to change.

What Learning Disability England campaigns about

Learning Disability England’s members and partners have already campaigned about many issues.

These campaigns are all linked to the four key priorities members said our work should focus on.

The second priority is Housing choices 

– making sure people know about different options.

These are the campaigns linked to that priority:

The third priority is Influencing funding decisions and understanding how it affects people’s lives.

These are the campaigns linked to that priority:

The fourth priority is Being part of the future of social care thinking and design.

These are the campaigns linked to that priority:

How does Learning Disability England’s campaigning work?

Learning Disability England’s members launch a campaign

Sometimes a member or their family or carer speak up about an issue that is affecting them.

Learning Disability England’s members discuss this issue and decide what we could do about it.

Learning Disability England’s members discuss this issue and

Learning Disability England’s members then launch a campaign and take action to help tackle the issue.

Sometimes this will involve working with people from partner organisations.

Learning Disability England supports someone else’s campaign

Sometimes Learning Disability England chooses to support a campaign about an issue that another organisation is running.

We speak to this organisation about what we can do to make people more aware of the issue and how it can be tackled.

Learning Disability England’s members then take action to support the other organisation’s campaign.

What might Learning Disability England do as part of a campaign?

Support people and their families who have spoken up about an issue to make sure those in power hear them.

Bring together members and people from other organisations to make a campaign more powerful.

Ask our spokespeople to talk at meetings or conferences, or to the media, to help make more people aware of a campaign.

Ask our Representative Body to support a campaign by writing letters to people who have the power to change things.

These include MPs and health and social care professionals.

Create web pages, leaflets, posters and other communications to promote a campaign.

Write to newspapers and radio and TV stations about a campaign and why it is important.

Host a group meeting on the internet about an important issue.

Let a person or organisation list Learning Disability England as a supporter of one of their campaigns.

Do you have a campaign idea you would like help with?

Please send some details of your idea to and Sam or Lisa will get in touch to talk to you about it.