Webinar series: Families – Planning for Emergencies

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Planning for Emergencies 

Friday 2nd October at 10am

We know this has been a worry for families though out the covid-19 pandemic.

This session focuses on planning for emergencies which seems all the more important as the potential of another national lock down looms.

We will be focusing in this session on making a plan for emergencies. It will cover the gathering of essential information and how to begin to develop a network of people who might be able to help out.

This session is being ran in partnership with Together Matters

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Planning for the Future 

This is first of two sessions supporting family carers to make plans for the future and was held in partnership with Together Matters. 

We know this has always been a big worry for family carers and even more so after the COVID-19 pandemic. This session is an introduction to planning for the future based on the Thinking Ahead guides going through the different parts of the jigsaw that help families to have conversations and take steps in the areas important to them as a family. 

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At the end we briefly spoke about JMS Trust which supports groups of people with learning disabilities and their families to set up their own supported living. We wanted to highlight this little known option as something else to think about when planning. You can get information on here