Webinar series: Self-Advocacy and families supporting each other

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This series is for self-advocacy and families organisations and groups. We know most groups are changing what they usually do because of the Coronavirus.  We also know that people are unsure how to help others keep safe and stay connected.

Anyone supporting self advocacy or community groups that include people with learning disabilities is invited to join us for an online meeting. We will talk about how we can all support each other and the people we know.

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Previous sessions

Session 1: What are people doing? What are the big concerns?

In this session we discuss how people are adapting to changes because of lockdown. We talk about what people are planning to do to keep them working, connected and positive.

View the recording here.

Session 2: Keeping Connected

In this session, Sunderland People First, Ace Anglia and Supported Loving share what they are doing to keep working and connected with their members.

View the recording here.

Session 3: Helping people who struggle to access technology

In this session shared ideas about how we can help people who don’t have technology or an understanding of how to us it.

Session 4:

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Session 5: 

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Session 6: 

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Session 7: 

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Session 8: 

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Session 10:

Coming out of lockdown – tips and ideas

This session was for self-advocacy and family groups to share what they are doing and learning around coming out of lock down.

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Session 11:

Being apart – not being able to visit or not getting support to get on line

In this session we spoke about issues around people who live in supported living or residential care not being allowed visitors and not being supported to be online.

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Session 13:

Keeping safe on line 

In this session Jodie talked about SpeakUps work, Health Surfers and a training programme to keep people safe online. Andrew told us about the game he’s being creating that people can use in training or sessions as a way of asking questions. Natasha talked to us about the autism hospital passport and some training she is doing helping social workers understand more about working with autistic people who are experiencing mental health problems.

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Session 15:

Keeping well – examples from the North East, Suffolk, Lewisham and North Yorkshire

In this session Stephen from Skills for People sharing about their Get well for Winter Campaign, Andrea and Chewy from Ace Anglia tell us about their Wellbeing conference, Marsh from Lewisham Speaking Up mentioned the Big Health Week running in some London boroughs and Kim from KeyRing asked about people’s experiences of annual health checks over the pandemic.

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Session 16

In this session, we talked about the new tiers for coronavirus restrictions, issues around annual health checks, going into hospital for other things during the pandemic and reduced support hours.

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Session 18

In this session, we discussed the new lockdown, what peoples new plans are and any new approaches people are taking this time around. We also talked about if and how people are planning on meeting in person after the lockdown

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