Information and Guidance

The coronavirus is also called Covid 19. You might see or hear things about coronavirus or Covid 19. Some of the documents below talk about coronavirus. Some of them talk about Covid 19. They are all talking about the same virus.

This page has the most up to date government guidance. We are sharing these to help people understand the virus and how to stay safe or what to do if feeling unwell. Additional information and resources can be found on our resources page here



Key NHS Guidance Documents



There is important new guidance for a group of people who are Extremely Vulnerable to the virus because of other health conditions they have. You can see information about this and a link to the guidance here

You should always to follow the advice from the NHS and Public Health England.

You can  read NHS and Public Health England guidance here

You can see the easy read advice from Public Health England here

The NHS have issued guidance about discharge from hospital during Covid 19.

You can see the NHS slides from webinar on hospital discharge here

You can see the NHS easy read clinical guidance for support staff here

The Department for Health and Social Care have put together replies to Frequently Asked Questions.

You can read these and see the Frequently Asked Questions here


Social Distancing



The government has asked everyone to make big changes to how we act – these are being called social distancing.

From 23 March we are all being asked to stay at home apart from for essential shopping and medical care or if you do an essential job. 

This is to try and stop the virus spreading to other people especially people who are more vulnerable. This includes people who are older. This includes people who have got long term health conditions.

And this includes people with a learning disability even if they don’t have other health conditions, because they are more likely to need support in their lives or they are more likely to find it harder to access health and advice services.

We think it is important that everyone looks at the social distancing guidance and talks about it. The guidance is now a requirement and not just advice. So we think it is important people think about what it means to them and those around them and come up with a plan.

The latest government guidance about staying at home can be seen via these links:

latest government guidance about staying at home

Easy Read summary about staying at home

Phototosymbols have made an updated poster about this.

You can see the Photosymbols posters here

Self Isolation

This is guidance for people who think they might have the virus or have some of the symptoms. It is also for people who have been in direct contact with someone with coronavirus.

The Chief Medical Officer has made a video with subtitles.

You can watch the video from the Chief medical Officer here

Public Health England have made a useful poster about self isolation if you think you might have the virus or have been in contact with someone else who has symptoms of coronavirus. You can see this below: