Information for organisations and people who employ their own personal assistants

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Learning Disability and Autism Peer Education Contracts 

As we move into a new future after Covid-19, families and carers face new challenges. Health Education England is looking for bids from potential suppliers who can provide rapid training to families, personal assistants and small independent care providers:

Peer Education and Coaching (Autism) 

Peer Education and Coaching (Learning Disabilities)


Easy read guide to how the Coronavirus Act might affect your care and support.

Blog about Coronavirus emergency legislation and what it means for the Care Act. The Coronavirus Act has emergency measures & changes to the law including the Care Act & Mental Health Act & measures to allow more staff in health & social care.

Resources for advocacy organisations and those who support self-advocates from Voiceability.

Grab Sheet about trauma from NWTDT and partners.

Guidance for employers and employees specific to Coronavirus, from ACAS.

Resources for organisational members and family members who are carers or who help manage a family member’s Personal Budget. From NCVO.

Emergency fund to help support workers, including Personal Assistants, who need to take time off work due to Covid 19. From the Care Workers Charity (CWC).

Page for people and families to help share useful links, practical tips and ideas, including information about what people who manage their direct payments have put in place for themselves and their PA’s. From BeHuman.

ADASS has published the second of two reports on Social Service Directors feedback of the ‘terrible impact’ of the Covid-19 pandemic for those of us who need social care, our family carers and those organisations providing these crucial services. Find out more and read the report here.

TLAP have published Stories of Promise – a collection of stories that show the many positive and creative responses of communities, provider organisations and councils to the pandemic.

Paradigm have launched their report “Don’t ever call us ‘unskilled’ again!” It is about the experiences, stories and ideas from support workers during the pandemic.