About Carl’s Small Sparks

Something Carl would have been proud of…

A group of family, friends and colleagues started a programme to keep the memory and work of Carl Poll alive. The programme is called Carl’s Small Sparks, an idea Carl brought to the UK and that was close to his heart.

We will share stories from people using Small Sparks on our website.

A bit about Small Sparks…

Small Sparks was started in Seattle and Carl developed the programme in the UK. It’s a great way of just letting people get on with things they want to do.

Small Sparks is a small grants programme that helps people do new and exciting things in their community. Small sums of money are given to people with a learning disability to help them do something in their community.

People have great ideas and mostly they don’t cost very much money, usually around £200. They just need a little spark, a little support and then – stand well back!

By involving other local people, Small Sparkers can make real connections in their community and create projects that benefit everyone.

Be part of Carl’s Small Sparks

Sponsor a Spark

This can be a small amount of money that’s put into a pot or a larger amount that’s used for a whole Small Spark and can be named after you or your orgnaisation.
Sponsor a Small Spark through JustGiving

Apply to become a Small Sparker

People or groups can apply for a Small Spark to do something new and interesting in their community.
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