Sponsor a Spark

To be part of Carl’s Small Sparks:

A man with a learning disability looking deep into his wallet.One way to be part of Carl’s Small Sparks is to make a donation through Carl’s Small Sparks JustGiving page. Small grants, usually around £200, are given to people with a learning disability to help them do something new and exciting in their community.

You can give a small amount of money that’s put into a pot and given as a single Spark when enough money is collected.

You could also give a larger amount that’s used for whole Small Sparks. These could be named after you, your organisation or someone you’d like to remember.

Every year we will hold an event to celebrate Carl’s life, hear stories from people who have used a Small Spark and sponsors can meet Sparkers.

Sponsor a Small Spark through JustGiving:


If you have questions about sponsoring a spark or anything else do with Carl’s Small Sparks please use the form below to get in touch with us at info@LDEngland.org.uk