Think Tanks

The Learning Disability England Think Tanks are a new way for us to engage with members. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to have their voice heard and their priorities understood.

How the think tanks work:

Think Tanks are a way for us to talk about different issues or questions.

We work with members to think about what questions all have and what’s important.

Then we create resources and session plans to help the groups involved in the think tank, think through the answers.

The kinds of groups involved so far are forums or councils for people and families in support organisations, self advocacy groups, and staff representative groups.

Everyone is asked to send the information collected in their session back to us.

We then use it the write a report to share with all our members.

What we learn can be used to help plan how services work or as part of campaigning or to help make policy changes.


LDE Think Tank: Social Care

In July we sent out our first Think Tank pack to members. It was about social care.

We wanted to talk about social care because we thought it was important to keep thinking about what we want to see in the new government policy or green paper. Social Care something our members said is important to work on.

One of our spokespeople, Vicky said,

Social care isn’t just about older people, it’s about everyone. Its about people of all walks of life getting the right health and care support when they need it. Social care is important…. It’s important we get the green paper right

We will also use what people say as part of our work with Social Care futures – we want to make sure everyone is involved in thinking about what matters for good lives.

We asked questions about:

  • What social care means to people?
  • What kinds of situations or support help you live a good life?
  • What does good social care look like?
  • What gets in the way?


You can read the full think tank report here.

How to get involved:

If you would like to get involved in the Think Tanks or would like more information you can contact Rachael, on

There is no commitment for you and the group you work with to be part of all the think tanks. We will get in touch with a topic and the offer from us and you can say yes or no to involvement at that point depending on if it’s of interest or good timing for you all.

Not part of an organisation?

If you are an individual member and aren’t part of a member organisation but would like to speak up on issues more regularly for us you can become a spokesperson. Read more about it here.