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Learning Disability England is bringing people and organisations together to create a movement for change where people with learning disabilities, families, friends and paid supporters come together on an equal basis.  Join the movement here

As a membership organisation, members work together to build a world where people with learning disabilities have good lives with equal choices and opportunities as others. Find out how here

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“Learning Disability England is inspired by family-led campaigns like #JusticeforLB. We know how important families and friends are in fighting for the rights of people with learning disabilities and that’s why they are equal partners in LDE.”

“I was invited to come to meetings and events and get involved with Learning Disability England and it made me feel important. I feel that LDE gives people with learning disabilities a voice and a platform to be heard and taken seriously.”

“Progress for people with learning disabilities and their families will only happen in these difficult times if everyone works together. LDE offers a way of doing this that can be an effective and representative voice of learning disabilities.”