Learning Disability England is bringing self advocates, families and organisations together to make lives better for people with learning disabilities.

We believe that good support, housing, education, healthcare and services are based on equality and human rights.

Where we see rights being breached, we will speak up and take action to stop that happening.

We think change happens for groups of people who are discriminated against, when those groups are heard by those in power and not spoken for and when others who have power support them.

How we are working

We are supporting self advocates and families in several ways – a new social movement as well as supporting the campaigns they are leading themselves. For example in June 2019 we are supporting a MPs lobby, and a series of human rights protests by sharing information, connecting people and groups and standing in solidarity on behalf of all our members.

We also are part of and supporting work with other membership organisations and our organisational members on campaigns they are leading or issues they are raising. For example we are part of social care futures with our organisational members and have been part of lobbying on legal issues.

We try to bring the different campaigning work together across all our members so they learn from and can support each other.

Sometimes that means challenging our partners or our members or organisations that fund us.

It often means challenging ourselves too.

It has never been more important to stand up for the human rights of people with learning disabilities, but more importantly we need to give self advocates a platform where we can to do this themselves.

What we can do

Learning Disability England is a tiny organisation with just a few staff and not much money, but our strength is in our large number of members and our wider networks.

We do not have the resources to run big, powerful campaigns but we do have people power and we want to make sure that we support self-advocates and families to have their voices heard.

We can help in the following ways:

  • Making sure all our media requests go to self advocates and families
  • Promoting members’ campaigns in consultation with our representative body
  • Putting our name to a campaign to support it
  • Helping to spread the word
  • Asking our members for support and practical help.