Influencing funding decisions and understanding how it affects peoples lives

Universal Credit

Universal Credit affects learning disabled people more than other groups of people. We’ve been worried that people with learning disabilities haven’t been included when talking about those effects.

We’ve been talking to members about how universal credit has affected them.

We’ve started working with others to make sure people voices are heard and support is accessible and inclusive.

You can read our full report here.

Sleep in payments

We have started this work as part of the #Solvesleepins Alliance

#SolveSleepIns September 2019 Update

HMRC Sleep-in Guidance

HMRC have made this 10 minute webinar offering guidance on the rate of pay given to staff who work sleep-in shifts. The webinar

  • Explains the Court of Appeal decision in the Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake case
  • Presents case studies to help you understand how sleep-in shifts should be classed and paid for in accordance with the law.

Please click here to view video