Social Care Futures

Including everyone session – Thursday 15th November

Next week Learning Disability England members and some of the team will be part of running a session at the Social Care Futures event.

Social Care futures is a get together organised by volunteers and supported by a lot of different people with the aim of sharing what is most important and possible for social care in the future

We are working with the Alzheimers Society and  Dimensions to share examples of how people are being supported to live a good life even though often the service system sees them as having complex needs.

Through the session, we want to share what is working but also work out what it will take for those kinds of support to be available to more people

Tim and Andrew are part of the session sharing what they have been involved in with New Prospects in Whitley Bay.

Building Community, not fighting for inclusion?

Tim and Andrew will share New Prospects work in Whitley Bay on being part of local community groups and working in partnership with people and groups

Some of what they will talk about was in this paper

Everyone in – what this session is about?

The session will share practical examples of how people traditionally viewed as having complex support needs are being supported in a variety of different settings to maintain or build relationships, activities or work with a focus on a good life not only their support or care needs.

About Tim & Andrew

Tim Keilty

With a background in the advocacy movement and training and consultancy, Tim now works for a support provider in the North East – New Prospects Association.  He has learned that; telling people what to do on behalf of someone as an advocate, teaching people what to do as a trainer and advising people as a consultant are all easier than actually doing it…

Andrew Strachan 

Andrew is an award-winning volunteer and community activist.  Well known, well respected and well connected.  Andrew is nosey, helpful, genuine and friendly; his brain hosts a web of names, stories and connections – the key traits of a community builder.

A life, not a service?

Jennie and Sarah will talk about Local Area Coordination in York.

Jennie Cox and Sarah Charlton are Local Area Coordinators in York. The LAC programme has been running for 18 months in York and has already seen some great impact on people’s lives and futures, including those labelled as having complex needs.

We are place-based, strengths-based practitioners offering person-centred, flexible, support to individuals and families in defined geographical areas. Our roles involve community capacity building to promote greater social inclusion for all. Our roles are also integral to system change in coproduction with several other innovative programmes in York, such as our Future Focus adult social care transformation programme, our Social Prescribing service and the Multiple Complex Needs Network. We are social innovators, expert generalists and specialists in thinking outside the box.