Cornwall Learning Disability Partnership Board review 2023

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Learning Disability England supported the Cornwall Learning Disability Partnership Board to review how the Board can be stronger for the future.

That review finished in November 2023. The report on the review is here

The updates that we shared with the Learning Disability Partnership Board are listed here

The plan for the review February 2023 Board meeting

Update to the Partnership Board May 2023

Update July 2023

Recommendations and Actions from the review for the Board November 2023

These are the documents we shared to support any group or team run a session as part of the review.

Read the flyer here

This document here explains all about the review and the plan – read it here

What’s the pack

Session plan and resources list

Presentation on the review and questions

What’s good feedback sheets

How the Board can make a difference feedback sheet

How the Board links to the bigger picture feedback sheet

How the Board works feedback sheet

The most important messages feedback sheet

Where to send your work