Campaigns (and other work)

Here are details of some disabled people’s groups and organisations that are campaigning or working on projects around the cost of living increases:

BASW is running an anti-poverty campaign, raising awareness of the impact of poverty.

As part of this they considered how rising costs affect people with learning disabilities in a ‘spotlight on poverty’ factsheet.

Read the factsheet here

The VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance, of which we are a member, has released a new report which discusses how the cost of living crisis impacts health and wellbeing, especially for those already experiencing health inequalities.

Read the report here

Disability Rights UK and Inclusion London have joined together to launch the Disability Poverty Campaign Group (DPCG).

The Group is campaigning for 3 things:

  • An increase in all benefits in line with inflation.
  • Targeted support for disabled people’s energy costs
  • Fairer charging for social care

You can find out more about how to get involved on their website here.

People’s Parliament for Lewisham met in December of 2022 to hear directly from people with learning disabilities.

This was what they wanted to find out – What do they think about the cost of living? How do they feel? What would they like to happen?

Read the report from the meeting

The Action Network is calling for a thorough reassessment of social security support for disabled people, to end the high levels of poverty in the disabled community.

This includes a call for an immediate uplift in benefits

The website includes a template to write to your MP.

Find out more and get involved

Mencap has joined with other UK partners including Shelter, Mind, Save The Children, Parkinsons UK and Action for Children to call for the new Prime Minister to take action.

They have started a petition to ask that the government rethinks support to people on the lowest incomes.