Good Lives: Building Change Together

What is Good Lives: Building Change Together?

Work on Good Lived started in 2020, when a group of 40 self advocates came together in Birmingham.

The Good Lives framework brings together people’s thoughts and ideas about what it will take for everyone with learning disabilities to be able to live their good life.

The framework is there for anyone who is interested. 

Learning Disability England host it but they do not control it.

It is not an end point. It is not a report.

It is a framework to start a debate or give ideas for action

The Framework document

Read Good Lives Building Change together here

Read the black and white version here

Read the Plain English summary here

The Good Lives Framework has 6 chapters.

Each chapter looks at what is happening now as well as what rights agreements say

There is also work that people are already doing that is brilliant or important. 

And some ideas for change that anyone can start to use now or campaign for together.

The first session at the 2022 conference was when Good Lives: Building Change Together went live.

Watch the recording from the first session here

The next step for the Good Lives framework is for people to work together to make it better or to take action if they can

What might you do to turn the framework into real change so that all people with learning disabilities can live their #GoodLives?

Do you have a particular interest in your area?

Do you have things you or your group want to share or make happen?

How Learning Disability England will help

Learning Disability England does not own the Good Lives framework.

It is everyone’s work.

We will help by:

Gathering information about what people are doing and sharing it

The staff team will collect information and ideas that people tell us about. 

Please email us with feedback, or anything you want to share on what you are doing to make Good Lives happen by emailing on

Helping to connect people

Do you need help connecting to others who are working on the same thing? 

If so, contact Rachael and Gary, Membership and Engagement Leads, by email on or phone them on 0300 111 0444.

Hosting some sessions to help people share what they are doing

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