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Interviewed by Jan Walmsley

“I live with 5 other people in my house in Oxfordshire, and with staff. I like to watch TV.

I am a Trustee at My Life My Choice. There were 21 people who wanted to be a Trustee, and only 12 places. My Life My Choice members voted for me. I feel sorry for those that did not get elected but I am proud to be a Trustee!

I am also a Travel Buddy for My Life My Choice. I help people who want to learn how to travel safely on the buses in Oxfordshire or wherever they want to go. And I get paid for that. That is important to me.

I helped to make a Travel Buddy film, and I went to London to a big cinema to show it. And we won! It was my first visit to London. I had my picture taken, and we had champagne, it was really good. London was very busy. Then I came back and I made a speech about it at My Life My Choice, there were lots of people there.

My life changed completely by going to My Life My Choice and learning about my rights.”