How do we decide on action

Sometimes an individual, group or organisational member will speak up about an issue that is affecting them.

Learning Disability England’s members then discuss this issue.

This might include a workshop, a short survey or a newsletter item asking for peoples’ experiences, for example.

The Rep Body then decide what we could do about it.

Learning Disability England’s members then launch a campaign and take action to help tackle the issue.

Sometimes this will involve working with people from partner organisations.

Sometimes Learning Disability England chooses to support a campaign about an issue that another member or partner group or organisation is running.

We speak to this organisation about what we can do to make people more aware of the issue and how it can be tackled.

Learning Disability England’s members then take action to support the other organisation’s campaign.

You can find out about all the campaigns led by members and partners here.

Do you have a policy or influencing idea you would like others to get involved in or support?

Please send some details of your idea to  and we will get in touch to talk to you about it and how Learning Disability England members might be part of a louder voice together.