London 2024 Conference Resources

PowerPoint Presentations (PDF Format)

Aisha and Marsh from Lewisham Speaking Up – Finding out what people think and influencing change: Click here.

Nathaniel, Will, Pagane, Josh, and Margaret from Brighton & Hove Speak Out and Grace Eyre – Getting involved in politics: Click here.

Helen and Aisling from More Than A Provider – Influencing Policy Nationally: Click here.

Catherine and Robin from Down’s Syndrome Association and Down’s Syndrome International – Listen, Include, Respect: Click here.

Dr Mark Brookes MBE, Sarah Walters, and Kate Chate from My Vote My Voice – How people can get involved in politics and support the campaign for accessible voting: Click here.

Andrew, Sara, Steve, and Matt from Thera and BeMix – Leadership and Governance: Click here.

Donna O’Brien and Scott Watkin BEM from SeeAbility – Building the Good Lives Manifesto: Stronger Together: Click here.

Conference Feedback

“A great day where I really enjoyed meeting up with familiar and new people and talking about what matters to them.”

I really enjoyed the day and it was a valuable opportunity to take stock of what motivates us all to keep going despite the inherent challenges of working in social care!

“Joining forces never been more important. Thank you for the invite and making this happen.”

I have a good feeling about the Good Lives Manifesto, what a wonderful movement it is!

Congrats to you and the team, I thought the conference was wonderful“.

Speakers were awesome, topics interesting, meeting new people was great… it was just a great day.

“We get so few opportunities to chat and meet some of the people we work with in real life, and your conferences were such a great opportunity to connect with people.”  

“The conversations, debates and ideas shared by people with learning disabilities were thoughtful and articulate.”

“It was amazing; it was so good! I would do it again because the way I was talking to people and for me I never stand up in public – being a public speaker felt like a great opportunity. It’s nice to stand up, work alongside someone and it was fun at the same time! ” (Taken from Down’s Syndrome Association’s Inclusion Advisor Catherine’s blog on presenting at the London Conference here. )