Membership for Organisations

Organisations can join Learning Disability England to be part of a network focused on improving the design and delivery of support as well as supporting a movement working to make sure people with learning disabilities and their families live a good life of their choosing.

We offer two levels of membership, Full and Basic.

We will ask you confirm your organisation supports shared aims and goals of Learning Disability England members.

If you are interested in becoming an organisational member please get in touch with Learning Disability England Chief Executive, Samantha Clark at

Organisational membership
Organisation members get an opportunity to
• Influence and inform the campaigning or key messages Learning Disability England uses in its work with partners, government or members

• To support and be a part of the changes Learning Disability England members are making together

• To join our network of spokespeople, subject leads or partners on issues you care about or have worked a lot on.
For example members with specialist knowledge are representing LDE to shape national policy and improve practice as well as increasing awareness of their work.

• Shape our day to day activity as well as strategic messaging.
For example, LDE is working with involvement leads on how we support and connect their work to make their organisation’s work stronger and increase the wider influence of people with learning disabilities

• Each organisation also gets 1 vote in formal decisions

Organisation members get access to

• Up to date information, news and resources including a regular digital newsletter (usually weekly)

• The programmes of work and projects on the priorities set by members.
This includes webinars, free workshops, training, networks, events or resources coming from that work.
These are open to staff, volunteers working with organisation members or those people supported by them.

• Quality and improvement tools or networks.
For example, LDE supports the Driving Up Quality code and implementation of REACH standards with partner organisations

• Facilitated networks solving problems or debating issues that face people and organisations including policy and practice changes.
For example LDE members have directly influenced the work on reshaping the Mental Capacity Act Amendment Bill

Full MembersBasic MembersSelf-advocacy or family User Led groups
1 place at LDEs conference

1 or 2 days direct support
from the team on relevant
issues the member chooses
1 place at LDEs conference Chance of a free place
at the conference in
the places lottery
Full membership

£2500 a year
(turnover £5million+)
£1,500 a year
(turnover - £5million)
Basic membership

£995 a year
(turnover £5million +)
£595 a year
(turnover - £5million)
Self-advocacy or family User Led Group

£25 a year