The right support

Examples of rights-based action

‘A Practical Guide to Supported Decision Making’ – Paradigm

Paradigm were hearing from supporters across the country that people with a learning disability are often not involved in making decisions about their lives.

They hope that by co-producing an updated version of the 2008 booklet, they will help people to have more more clarity and confidence in how they support others to make decisions.

Read and download the guide here

Stay Up Late

Stay Up Late campaigns to make sure people with learning disabilities, and autistic people, are able to lead full and active social lives. This includes challenging support systems that stop people with learning disabilities being able to stay up late and live the life they choose.

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They spoke to lots of people with learning disabilities across the country who said there are only 10 things they really want in life, and they’re all things many people take for granted. From this, they created a manifesto for an ‘Ordinary Life’.

Read their manifesto here

Research and evidence in this area

Disclaimer: The examples of action, research and evidence included in this action bank are not endorsed by Learning Disability England but are ways of working that people are proud of and show links to Good Lives. Please contact us if there is anything you feel doesn’t support the Good Lives vision.