Train Ticket Office Closure Consultation

Since 2022 the government and train companies have been talking about closing ticket offices at train stations.

This would have big impacts on disabled people.

The deadline for the consultation has been moved back to 1st September

Members met in July to talk about the impact ticket office closures would have on people with learning disabilities.

The main messages were:

  • Members don’t think ticket offices should close.
  • They are important part of making train journeys work for people with learning disabilities.
  • Ticket office staff help make journeys possible, accessible, and safe.  
  • Closing ticket offices will have significant impacts on people and will reduce people’s independence.

If you would like to tell us what you think or if your organisation is sending in a response you can share it with us by emailing 

Learning Disability England are supporting Transport For All’s campaign.  

We signed a joint letter objecting to the closure of ticket offices with 74 other organisations.  

You can read the letter here 

You can support the campaign by writing to the train company you travel with the most, using the Transport For All template 

You can find that here 

Members have also been out raising awareness of the impact closures will have.  

Sunderland People First (and Rep Body Member Philip) have been out at Sunderland Train Station talking to local people and campaigning.