Road Map out of lockdown 2021

On February 22 2021, the government came out with a roadmap of how we will come out of lockdown.

This is a plan of 4 steps, explaining how we will see restrictions start to lift and a return to normal life.

The Prime Minister has just announced that restrictions that were expected to be lifted on June 21st (step 4) will now happen on July 19th read more here.

Inclusion North have made an easy read about this update that you can see here.

You can see the full government roadmap here

Here is a video from NWTDT explaining the roadmap.

Here is an Easy-read guide on the government’s 4-step plan out of lockdown from Cornwall People First

Here are more details on the changes that will happen on each date:

Step 1 – 8 and 29 March

Step 2 – not before 12 April

Step 3 – not before 17 May

Step 4 – July 19