Face to Face Conferences 2023

Join us for 1 of the 2 face to face Learning Disability England annual conferences.   

The South of England conference will take place on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Click here to see the agenda and speakers in London

The North of England conference will take place on Tuesday 28th March 2023

Click here to see the agenda and speakers in York


We have limited space at both conference venues. 

This means only people who have booked will be able to get into the conferences.

Bookings for tickets for the in person conferences are now open.


There are 4 kinds of tickets: 

  1. There is a lottery for free tickets for individual people with learning disability or family members – Find out more on that here
  1. Some organisations have a free ticket as part of their membership Find out more here
  1. Members can buy a place at reduced ratesFind out more here 
  1. There will be a few tickets for non members to buy – Find out more here

Everyone who is coming needs to be booked so please make sure supporters or PAs are booked too.

Someone’s PA or supporter does not need to pay for a place but we need to know they are coming.  

Don’t lose out – book your ticket early! 

Supporting Access

We want the in person conferences to work for as many people as possible.

So there are different ways we will support access for people.

We have created some additional spaces to make sure people have the support they need to attend the face to face conferences.

These places are available at no extra cost, but spaces are limited due to the size of the venues and must be booked.