Individual Service Funds in England: Making Choice and Control Happen

About this event

Want more choice and control over your support without the complications of Direct Payments? An Individual Service Fund may be the answer!

Watch to hear about how people are starting to use Individual Service Funds in England to have more choice and control over their support. 

ISFs are a type of personal budget that can offer nearly the same amount of choice and control as a Direct Payment but without some of the complications. 

They were introduced in England through the Care Act 2014, as a promoted option for local authorities to be able to commission this form of self-directed support. 

Since then, several pilots have taken place around England to trial ISFs and to ‘test and learn’ more about how they work and the benefits for people using them. 

In this webinar you will hear from Chris Watson, Founder of Self Directed Futures, Jacqui Hendra, a social care assessor who works with ISF’s in Devon and Gary Kent who runs a support provider organisation called New Key. 

The webinar covers: 

• What ISFs are 

• What are their benefits and why they are different to Direct Payments 

• What your rights are and what is happening with them around England 

• Gary and Jacqui’s work together supporting people with ISFs in Devon 

• Trudy’s real life ISF story 

• Question and answer session with all speakers

For more information about the webinar and resources about ISF, click here

This webinar will be of particular interest to families, support providers and those working for local authorities. 

This was a members only webinar. It was open to individual members and people who are part of organisations who are members. You can join as a member for as little as £12 a year, find out more here