“It’s MY Life” – Self-Advocacy for people with Learning Disabilities

19th June 2018

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We all know that people with learning disabilities should be more involved in planning the services they use; they should have the right to speak up for themselves and be involved in making decisions that affect them. But how do we ensure that their voices are heard?

The purpose of this webinar is to share ideas and discuss the importance of self-advocacy. We will focus on how people with learning disabilities are supported to get their voices heard, feel respected and get the best outcomes. We will give an overview of the tools and opportunities we have adopted and how self-advocacy training has empowered people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves. This webinar will be co-led by SPICE Self-Advocates Daniel and Maz who will share their stories and inspire others.

This webinar will be useful to self advocates, service providers, commissioners, parents, carers and anyone else who is committed to supporting self-advocacy.

Presented by:

Daniel Docherty is a self-advocate and founding member of SPICE. He has over 25 years’ experience of setting up self-advocacy groups including Manchester People First. He delivers training to professionals, social work students, and to other people with learning disabilities. He works hard to advocate for people with learning disabilities to have the same rights as everyone else.

Maz Tweedy is a self-advocate and member of SPICE. She uses her personal experiences and first-hand knowledge to make a positive difference and inspire change. She provides training, is part of a quality checking group and sits on several learning disability groups throughout Greater Manchester.

Kim Barrett is the Personalisation Lead at Future Directions CIC. She works closely with individuals, families and support teams to enable people to reach their dreams, wishes and aspirations. She drives all aspects of the personalisation agenda forward and delivers self-advocacy training.

Jenny Neville is a Project Manager who works closely with SPICE which is a self-advocacy group made up of people supported by Future Directions CIC. She supports SPICE to develop their skills and confidence. She empowers them to campaign for greater rights, choice and control and to have a voice, challenge stereotypes and make a positive difference to the lives of all people with learning disabilities.