Self advocacy and families supporting each other – Hate crime session 

About this Event

We started these sessions during the first lockdown to help self-advocacy and family organisations connect and work together. We were all facing new challenges and were unsure what was the best thing to do to help people keep safe and still stay connected or not become more isolated.

These sessions are a chance to find new ways of working as the pandemic continues but to also share and connect more generally.

The sessions will be open to everyone who has been part of this work since March plus any other member of Learning Disability England who wants to join in and take part. They are aimed at members who support self advocacy or community groups that include people with learning disabilities.

If would like to join LDE’s membership, you can get more information here.

Please join us if you can or email us if you want to connect but cannot make this date. We hold these sessions every 2 weeks 🙂