Sharing Self-Advocacy Best Practice

On 14th July we held our first Self-Advocacy: Sharing Best Practice session.

Self-Advocacy groups across the country are leading the way on important work.

We know that everyone is often so busy they don’t get to share their work.

We want to help connect people and them work together.

In this meeting three self-advocacy groups shared projects that they are proud of.

The groups told everyone what their project was about and why it’s important.

These sessions are funded by RTR.

Dorset People First spoke about their women’s group
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Inclusion Gloucestershire talked about engaging with health
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People First Forum talked about their Mix It Up DJ Project
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You can find the contact details for each group in their presentation

People First Dorset spoke first.

Kerry and Mark told us about their women’s sessions.

They told us the groups were important because they helped people be more confident.

They also helped people learn about women’s health issues

You can download the presentation here

You can watch their presentation here

Inclusion Gloucestershire presented next.

Sammy and Rosie talked about how they are engaging with health.

They talk about setting up a user-led group.

The group thinks about health messages and how to help more people get involved in health.

You can download the presentation here

You can watch their presentation here

People First Forum were our final speakers.

Daniel, Emily and Amanda told us about their Mix It Up DJ Project.

The project started small with a few people learning to be DJs.

The group now perform at festivals.

You can download the presentation here 

You can watch their presentation here

We are planning another one of these sessions.

Please drop Rachael an email if you would like to be put on the list for more information.