United Pride Friends: Being Out, Proud and Autistic

Friday, 21st June 2019

10.00 – 11.00

A new group for members of the LGBT Community with Autism and Learning Difficulties, United Pride Friends, has been set up in the North West.

The primary purpose of our group is to provide a befriending service, giving members a safe place to meet new people and make friends.

The group aims to build the confidence of its members through workshops and social events, as well as providing educational sessions where we will discuss topics that affect this community such as safe sex, dealing with homophobia and ableism, and coming out to friends and family.

This webinar will talk about what United Pride Friends is, what it does and why it was set up. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Our presenter

Michael Chick

Michael Chick came up with the idea of starting the group.  He is a gay man from Wigan in the North West of England and founder of United Pride Friends.

Michael found that although there are service for LGBT people available, there are little to none for those who are LGBT with autism.  He faced other issues due to being autistic with learning difficulties, such as homophobia and discrimination both in the private and public care sectors.

Michael wanted to challenge this discrimination so set up United Pride Friends.