Webinar: Human Rights – How can we unlock them?

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10 – 11am 22nd May

Led by the British Institute of Human Rights and hosted by Learning Disability England in support of the Right 2 Home campaign

The session will focus on how people with learning disabilities, autistic people and family members knowing more about human rights and the law can help them build and keep the independent life they want including a home.

About the #right2home campaign

22nd May marks 1 year since we saw horrific scenes of abuse in Whorlton Hall, broadcast by BBC’s Panorama. Yet still today, over 2,000 adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism are locked up in secure mental health units, denied the right to home and family life that keeps them well. Government promises to move people into their own homes are still being broken, nearly 9 years after Winterbourne View closed.

The coronavirus lockdown means even greater risk of people being locked up. It means more people in mental health crisis going into secure care, and delays to moving out into a home of their own. We’ve all been asked to stay at home, but these fellow-citizens can’t be at home. They’re even more cut-off than ever from family and friends.

#right2home is a campaign to keep this scandal on the political agenda, and press the government to act on its promises. 5 days of action from 18th to 22nd May. Picking up from earlier campaigns, #right2home is co-run by people with learning disabilities and campaigners.