Being part of the future of social care

In April 2021, Learning Disability England members got together to talk about the Social Care Future Inquiry.

The members in that meeting were self advocates, family members and paid supporters.

Our members are using what’s happened in their lives and their views to help improve social care for people with a learning disability.

Our members believe it’s important they have a say about the social care they and other people with a learning disability receive in the future.

This is because good social care can help people with a learning disability do what they want and need to do.

Some members having been blogging about their work and their experiences.

This is to share ideas as part of the work members are doing on the future of social care.

Changing social care as part of Social Care Future

One of the ways our members get to talk about social care is by being involved with Social Care Future.

It is a growing group of people across the country who want to improve social care for everyone.

In November 2018, some of our members attended a Social Care Future event in York.

At the event, Gary and Sam from Learning Disability England hosted a group session called Including Everyone.

During the session, our members talked about what matters to them in their lives.

They also talked about how care staff and other people can make their life better.

People from other organisations also talked about the same topics.

These organisations included New Prospects Association, Alzheimer’s Society and Local Area Coordination.

Some of our members also attended another Social Care Future event in Manchester in April 2019.

At this event, a wide range of people talked about how social care could be changed for the better.

People at the event also talked about how we should describe the social care we want for everyone.

Changing social care through our Think Tanks

Learning Disability England Think Tanks give members the chance to talk about a topic or issue that is important to them.

Our first Think Tank in July 2019 focused on social care for people with a learning disability.

Members who took part in the Think Tank told us what good social care means to them and how it can help them live a better life.

After hearing what everyone had to say, we collected their thoughts and wrote this report about social care.