What we do when things go wrong

If a member behaves in a way that may go against our beliefs or policies, Learning Disability England follows a set process to decide if they should leave.

Learning Disability England aims to have a strong and positive network of members with shared aims and who work well together and support each other.

To achieve this, Learning Disability England has policies in place that state our beliefs as an organisation and how we expect members to behave.

Learning Disability England develops these policies by speaking to members about what’s important to them and adopting good policies that already exist.

If Learning Disability England is told or finds out that a member is behaving in a way that goes against our beliefs or policies, we will follow our Members Working to Shared Aims Policy and Operational Procedures.

Learning Disability England does not exist to check on members.

But it does not want to stand by if any members are not acting in line with the
aims and values.

And in line with these values, Learning Disability England service or support organisation members must always involve people and families in decision making about their lives – ‘nothing about us without us’.

We will always remember that:

• Learning Disability England’s membership has people who share the same aims but might do things in different ways.
Members must agree with our four aims and act in line with them and the values.
• We do not expect any Learning Disability England member to be perfect. We do expect them to be trying to do things better and learn from mistakes.

But if there is a big problem that we cannot sort out, the member might have to leave Learning Disability England.

If a member is asked to leave but they disagree with the decision, the member can appeal to a sub-group of Trustees or Rep Body members. Their decision will be final.