Equal Treatment



Equal Treatment is a new project aiming to challenge racism and health inequalities through strengthening self-advocacy and peer support.

The project will help groups think about how to be more inclusive and good allies to tackle racism.


We know some people are treated differently because of racism or prejudice.

We know people with a learning disability from ethnic minority communities don’t get equal access to health care.

This project is to help more people know about their rights to help them get equal treatment.

Learning Disability England is working in partnership with Race Equality Foundation on this project.

The project is funded by NHS England.

There are 3 strands of work in this project.


A coproduction group helped choose the partners for the work

Strand 1: Strengthening inclusive self-advocacy


Changing Our Lives will be working with self-advocacy groups.

They will coproduce and co-deliver a training programme to other self-advocacy groups.


The training to help other self-advocacy groups be more inclusive.


It will help groups know how to challenge racism.

About Changing Our Lives


Changing Our Lives is a rights-based organisation, so human rights underpin everything they do.


They work alongside disabled people and people experiencing mental health difficulties, of all ages, as equal partners to find solutions to social injustice and health inequality.


All of their work is rooted in the belief that no one is too disabled and no one’s mental health is too complex to lead an ‘ordinary’ life.


You can read more about Changing Our Lives here

Strand 2: Strengthening family led or parent peer support


Contact will be leading the work with family groups.

They will coproduce and co-deliver a training programme for other family led groups.


The training will help family groups challenge racism and be more inclusive.

About Contact:


Contact is a charity for families with disabled children.


Contact understands that life with a child who has additional needs brings unique challenges and they exist to help families feel valued, supported, confident and informed.


Contact provide trusted support and information in lots of different ways, including over 200 parent carer forums nationally.


You can find out more about Contact on their website 

Strand 3: Strengthening local community responses on tackling health inequalities and unfair treatment


Include Me Too will work with community groups led by people from minority ethnic communities.

They will be working with groups who don’t work with people with learning disabilities all the time to include them more in their work.


We want to help connect community groups led by ethnic minority communities with groups led by self-advocates and families.


About Include Me Too


Include Me Too is a national charity led by people from minority ethnic backgrounds.


They support disabled children, young people and their families from diverse range of backgrounds.


Include Me Too offer grassroots support to disabled children and families.


And also campaign, advise and deliver on disability equality, inclusion, rights diversity and safeguarding nationally and internationally.


You can find out more about Include Me Too here

If your group would be interested in getting involved contact Rachael on rachael.hall@LDEngland.org.uk