Speaking out and having a learning disability

A conversation between Shaun Webster and Gary Bourlet

Last week saw the end of the Learning Disability England Virtual 2021 Conference.

It was amazing to hear from so many inspirational self-advocates .


One of the main things that became very clear is that the voice of self-advocates must be heard far and wide.

In fact, all people with a learning disability should be given a platform to use their voice and the media plays a big role in this.


Shaun Webster MBE, is an author and a campaigner for the rights of disabled people and also has a learning disability himself.

Gary Bourlet has been a self-advocate for over 30 years and is our Membership and Engagement lead.


Together, they had a conversation about Shaun recently speaking out about his sexuality in a BBC article and why it’s so important for other people with learning disabilities to use their voice in the media.


You can see the full conversation here.

Or watch a short clip from the interview below: