What comes with membership

Up to date information, news and resources including a weekly e mail newsletter.

Help to be well connected and not isolated by  joining a network of likeminded people and organisations.

Access to events, meetings and conferences we run at a reduced rate or free where we can.

This includes being entered into a lottery for a free ticket to our annual conference.

A formal vote on key decisions, including Representative Body elections.

A say in what Learning Disability England does day to day.

Groups and organisations also benefit by:

Helping your organisation’s mission

By supporting work or campaigns you agree with.

By contributing to a wider benefit to your community of interest or

Helping change and improve what you do

You get good information, solutions to problems and new ideas through facilitated co-production and quality and improvement tools and networks.

Everyone is challenged, based on rights and people with learning disabilities’ priorities – a conscience and a help.

Facilitated problem solving networks or debates on issues that face people and organisations including policy and practice changes.

For example, Learning Disability England members have worked together on challenging the misuse of DNAR notices and directly influenced the work on stopping them.

Paid supporter organisational members with a turnover of £1 million or more get a free place at the annual conference.

Enhanced paid supporter organisational members also get 2 days of free direct support from the Learning Disability England team on a relevant issue chosen by the member.

We work hard to make sure that people with learning disabilities’ voices are strong in Learning Disability England and not drowned out.

So we keep a check on what experiences individual members bring, as well as making sure organisations do not have more say on what we do because they are big or have more money.

Making sure members are equal and heard

Equality is a big issue for people with a learning disability and Learning Disability England. That’s why we work hard to make sure every member is treated equally and their voice is heard.

A key way all members are treated equally is by giving them only one vote each on big Learning Disability England decisions.

So whether you are one person with a learning disability, a family member or friend, or a small or big organisation, you only get one vote.

Each member also has an equal vote on who should represent them on Learning Disability England’s Representative Body.

The Representative Body acts on the behalf of members and makes important decisions about what Learning Disability England says and does.

The Representative Body also plays a key role in deciding whether a member should leave or not when things go wrong.