What we do to take action

Support people and their families who have spoken up about an issue to make sure those in power hear them.

Bring together members and people from other organisations to make a campaign more powerful.

Ask the spokespeople to talk at meetings or conferences, or to the media, to help make more people aware of a campaign.

The Representative Body writing letters to people who have the power to change things.

This includes MPs and health and social care professionals.

Create web pages, leaflets, posters and other communications to promote a campaign.

Write to newspapers and radio and TV stations about a campaign and why it is important.

Host a group meeting on zoom about an important issue.

Agree to a person or organisation listing Learning Disability England as a supporter of one of their campaigns.

Do you have a policy or influencing idea you would like help with?

Please send some details of your idea to info@LDEngland.org.uk and Emma, the Policy Lead, will get in touch to talk to you about it.