How we work with our members

Learning Disability England is England’s only national movement where people with learning disabilities, families, friends and people that work in services come together on an equal basis to work for people with learning disabilities having good lives with equal choices and opportunities as others.

When you join Learning Disability England, you are becoming part of this movement.

This means you are agreeing with our aims.

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We organise our membership to reflect three different experiences and voices:

Self-advocates (including self-advocacy organisations)

Families and friends (including family organisations)


Paid supporters (including service providers, commissioners, universities, development agencies and others)


Each person and each organisation get to vote on big Learning Disability England decisions, and one vote on who will represent them on the Representative Body.


We work hard to make sure that people with learning disabilities voices are strong in Learning Disability England and not drowned out.


So we keep a check on what experiences individual members bring, as well as making sure organisations do not have more say on what we do because they are big or have more money.