About us

Learning Disability England exists to make life better for and with people with Learning Disabilities and their families.

We aim to make sure:

  • What is important to people with Learning Disabilities is heard and understood:
  • There is a change in behaviour in service design and delivery that builds on rights
  • Demonstrate co-production and real collaborative working making a difference
  • Live our values and model the change we want

We stand for:

  • Rights
  • Choice
  • Inclusion
  • Independence

Here are some of the things that are important to us:

  • Putting people with learning disabilities first – in everything we do, and how we are run.
  • Being challenging – when it comes to what people with learning disabilities and families want, need, and have a right to.
  • Working together – with people with learning disabilities, families, professionals, organisations, and the government, to achieve better lives for people with learning disabilities.
  • Being empowering – by making sure our members have power, and can act on behalf of Learning Disability England with confidence and clarity.
  • Being creative and trying new things – by thinking differently about how we can solve problems, and not being afraid to get it wrong sometimes